Public consultation/Planning

Eureka! Mersey will bring a world-class visitor experience and internationally renowned Science and Discovery Centre to the Liverpool City Region and the wider north-west.

Reimaging the art-deco Seacombe Ferry Terminal Booking Hall and Spaceport attraction building in Wallasey, on the Wirral peninsula, Eureka! Mersey will be a positive landmark for the area.

The immediate surroundings will be re-landscaped to create attractive and distinctive spaces that are easy to move through. They will provide a positive setting and a new prominence to the historic buildings. The collection of listed buildings that comprise the Seacombe terminal will be sensitively refurbished to accommodate the new attraction and the retained passenger terminal functions.


A location full of opportunity

Strategically, the new Eureka! Mersey will occupy an important location on the Wirral waterfront. Seacombe terminal is one of the most significant points of arrival and departure for the peninsula, with converging pedestrian, vehicular and ferry routes. It’s riverside location is full of opportunity as well as offering fantastic views across to the Liverpool waterfront. Equally, there is great opportunity to maximise the site’s visibility from the city.

Eureka! Mersey will occupy a central location in the Liverpool / Wirral region and could become an exciting gateway and link between institutions. We hope it could help to revitalise the grand tradition of taking a ferry ‘cross the Mersey for recreation, culture and excitement.

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